About Us


The Morya’s Garden is a family company that was founded partially on modern theosophical beliefs. That is, the garden of one of the "Masters of the Ancient Wisdom" – Morya, will certainly bring spiritual benefits; hence, the idea of bringing physical benefits as well was born. To achieve that, the company has solely relied on science and has developed and followed rigorous pharmaceutical methodologies. We are a privately held company that is self-funded and operates as a cooperative for the well-being of all.

The company strives to be an innovator in the healthcare industry and will actively contribute to the solutions for today and tomorrow diseases. This is the mission of our highly skilled researchers who extract and isolate from our herbal medications the active agents used for manufacturing effective drugs. They will also be heavily involved in molecule drug discovery and development for medicinal chemistry and biotechnology.

The Morya’s Garden is completely committed to the patients with integrity, respect, and quality. Furthermore, the company will not just provide medications, but also robust health throughout healthy lifestyle suggestions, meditation, and traditional myths busting.

Our vision is to become one of the leading biopharmaceutical companies in the world and to be able to provide universal medications and medical equipment for everyone wherever and whenever it is requested.