Research & Innovation


The Morya’s Garden is collaborating with our universities and colleges to enhance the research in chemistry, botany, and agronomy. We develop a special program that gives hands-on experiences to students through engineering and capstones projects. In return, we completely equip their academic laboratories with cutting-edge technologies and infrastructures. Any findings and discoveries are then validated by our scientists before heading to production. In addition, our researchers and engineers are also continuously pushing the boundaries between chemistry and biotechnology with the development of innovative technological solutions.

As innovation is part of our pedigree, the company is massively investing in various internal and external innovation competitions supervised by our engineers and master innovators. The goal is to discover and acquire the best creative and innovative talents from different disciplines. Furthermore, our research and development department partners with software engineering consulting firms to develop complex software systems to accurately model and simulate chemical and biotechnological processes.

Overall, The Morya’s Garden strives to develop innovative solutions to safely and efficiently optimise production processes. In other words, we are constantly improving our manufacturing concepts based on the recommendations outlined by both our own inspection division and public inspectors when conducting unexpected production facilities inspections. We believe that the most brilliant solutions are the results of continuous research and innovation across multiples science disciplines.

Our primary research focus is on neglected diseases that we hope to eradicate sooner than planned. Then, we will be able to extend our future research areas and include galenic formulation and pharmacogenetics.